Imprint: Michael Stenov (composer), P.O. Box 9, A-4623 Gunskirchen, Austria, email
Michael   Stenov    was   born   named   Michael   Novacek   in   Vöcklabruck ,   Upper   Austria on    February     25th,    1962 .    He    came    from    a    musical    family    of    paternal    Czech provenance   and   was   taught   early   by   his   mother,   a   music   teacher.   As   a   child   he was   a   chorister   in   the   choir   of   Henndorf   am   Wallersee    conducted   by   his   mother. From   the   age   of   10,   he   attended   the   Anton   Bruckner-Gymnasium    in   Wels.   During this   time   he   was   also   a   member   of   the   Welser   Bachchor    conducted   by   Ernst Ludwig   Leitner ,   who   also   was   his   first   Organ   teacher.   Since   the   6th   grade,   he already   conducted   the   church   choir   of   Eugendorf    near   Salzburg,   where   he   also served    as    organist.    After    the    final    exams,    he    studied    music    at    the    Salzburg Mozarteum   and   graduated   as   a   Master   of   Arts   in   1985.   In   addition   to   that,   he studied    church    music,    organ    with    Dr    Heribert    Metzger ,    orchestral    and    choral conducting   with   Prof   Albert   Anglberger   and   composition   with   Prof   Josef   Friedrich Doppelbauer .    Master    classes    -    among    others    in    Cambridge     with    the    Hilliard- Ensemble    -   completed   his   education.   He   was   employed   as   a   professor   of   music first   in   Wels    in   1985,   then   in   Vöcklabruck   and   finally   in   Grieskirchen ,   where   he soon     attracted     attention     because     of     his     students’     outstanding     musical achievements.     In     addition     to     the     teaching     profession,     Stenov     acted     as choirmaster,   conductor,   organist,   pianist   and   harpsichordist   at   home   and   abroad. I n   1989,   he   married   Theresia   Steinhuber   and   changed   his   name   to   Steinhuber- Novacek,   of   which   the   artist   name   Stenov   derives.   He   played   the   organ   with   large choral    performances    in    Grieskirchen    conducted    by    Maximilian    Spießberger- Eichhorn .   Since   2006   he   acts   as   choirmaster   at   the   Carmelite   Church   in   Linz , where his compositional activity expanded strongly. He   is   especially   interested   in   early   music   and   old   tunings   and   in   particular   in Venetian   polychoral.   Stenov   attaches   the   greatest   importance   for   the   works   of Heinrich   Schütz    and Anton   Bruckner    whose   choral   works   he   regularly   performs   in the   Carmelite   Church   in   Linz.   As   a   composer ,   Stenov   is   mainly   concerned   with church   music   and   spiritual   themes.   His   style   is   tonal   and   influenced   by   the   great composers   of   the   Renaissance   to   Romanticism.   His   compositions   are   mainly   a cappella   and   instrumentally   accompanied   church   music.   The   Christmas   Oratorio, as   well   as   a   significant   part   of   the   choral   compositions,   are   published   by   Kunert- Buch&Note  respectively Kistner&Siegel .