Imprint: Michael Stenov (composer), P.O. Box 9, A-4623 Gunskirchen, Austria, email
Works by Michael Stenov: The works marked with * were published in 2015/16 by Verlag Kistner & Siegel in Brühl/Nord-rhein-Westfalen (current flyer), the Christmas Oratorio Op 11** was published in 2014 by Verlag Kunert-Buch&Note! Several works have been published in 2017 by DaVinci-Editon. (all recordings with Cantores Carmeli) 2019: Heinrich Schütz – Latin Motet-Mass (Stenov: Latin text of the Catholic Mass) „The Passion of Jesus“ (Synoptic Passion) Op 78 2018: „We Three Kings“ Motet à8 op. 11b Da pacem Domine - Motet SMATBarB Op 77 Tantum ergo in a - Motet Op 76 Kyrie Op 71c to Anton Bruckner‘s „Mass for Maundy Thursday“ WAB 9 O Sacrum Convivium - Motet à4 Op 75 2017: Jesu, Rex admirabilis Op 74 (3 settings to Palestrina: 4, 5 and 6 voices) with a German text by Michael Stenov 2017: „Resurrection“ (Synoptic Easter Oratorio) Op 73 Cosi Dio ha amato il mondo Op 72 Gloria and Credo Op 71a+b to Anton Bruckner‘s „Mass for Maundy Thursday“ WAB 9 Psalm 18 Op 70 Ubi caritas et amor Op 69 2016: Motet Wessobrunn Prayer à8 Op 60b Choral Fantasy “The Bride of the Holy Spirit” Op 61 Motet “Heaven and Earth Will Pass Away” à12 Op 62 Motet “Tantum Ergo Sacramentum” à6 Op 63 Missa CAnticorum à4 Op 64 (Mass on old chants) Kyrie - Gloria - Credo - Sanctus - Benedictus - Agnus Dei Missa ad Imitationem Carminum Natalis Domini à4 Op 65 (Mass on Advent and Christmas Carols) Kyrie - Gloria - Credo - Sanctus - Benedictus - Agnus Dei ORDER Missa ad honorem Mariae de Monte Carmelo (Mass in honor of Mary from Mount Carmel, Mass on Marian songs)“ Op 66 Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Benedictus, Agnus Dei) Cantata “Hommage à la Consolatrice” for Soprano, four- to eight-voice chorus and organ Op 67 Clarinet Concerto in D minor Op 68 resp. Clarinet Quintet Op 68b 1st movement Allegro 2nd movement Andante moderato: Variations on a Theme by Edvard Grieg 3rd movement Allegretto: Rondo-Scherzo 2015: Psalm 30 Op 33 Holy Spirit-Sequence Op 34 + ORDER Responsorium Op 35 Come, Holy Spirit Motet Op 36 Come to Me All Psalm 22 Op 37 Psalm 116 Op 38 Easter Sunday-Versicle Op 39 Psalm 31 Op 40 Psalm of Jesaja Op 41 Psalm 19 Op 42 Motet Op 29b As Moses Lifted up the Serpent in the Desert Motet Op 43 The Beatitudes Versicle (Ascension of Christ) Op 44 Psalm 47 Op 45 Fantasy on “Komm, o komm, du Tröster mein” Op 46 Fantasy on “Freu dich, o Himmelskönigin” Op 47 Versicle (Skapulierfest) Op 48 Small Sacred Concerto “Virgin, Mother of God” Op 49 Psalm 42 Op 50 Versicle (St. Theresia) Op 51 Psalm 84 Op 52 Versicle (Christmas Day) Op 53 Psalm 118 Op 54 K&S 4 Christmas Motets: ORDER Puer natus est - For on to Us a Child is Born Op 55a* Hodie Christus natus est - Today Christ is Born Op 55b* Viderunt omnes - All Ends of the Earth Op 55c* Dies sanctificatus – A Sacred Day Op 55d* Psalm 24 Op 56 Psalm 72 Op 57 Piano Concerto e-minor Op 58 3rd prize at the II. Int. Ravel Competition! - CERTIFICATE 1. Satz - Allegro assai ma non troppo 2. Satz - Elegie (Andante lamentoso) 3. Satz - Scherzo-Rondo (Allegretto ma non troppo) 4. Satz - Passacaglia (Andante maestoso) Psalm 98 Op 59 Motet Wessobrunn Prayer à4 Op 60a 2014: Motet Op 20 The Lord's Prayer Motet Op 21 Ubi Caritas et Amor Psalm 103 Op 22 Motet Op 23 Soul of Christ, Sanctify Me Magnificat Op 24 Holy Spirit-Passacaglia Op 25 (Orgel) German Motet Op 26 Memorare German Motet Op 27 Salve Regina German Stabat Mater Op 28 Motet Op 29 God So Loved the World Motet Op 30 Unter deinen Schutz und Schirm ORDER Motet Op 31 Holy Archangel Michael à5 Motet Op 32 Ave Maria 2013: K&S German Mass Op 17 Kyrie - Gloria - Credo - Sanctus+Benedictus - Agnus Dei ORDER Motet Op 18 Salve Regina Motet Op 19 Ave Maria ORDER 2012: K&S Motet Op 13 You Children of Israel ORDER K&S Missa super “De Angelis” Op 14 Kyrie - Gloria - Credo - Sanctus -     Agnus Dei ORDER K&S Motet Op 15 Flos Carmeli ORDER 2011: Christmas Oratorio Op 11 (Verlag Kunert-Buch&Note) K&S Motet Op 12 Ave Verum Corpus ORDER 2010:  K&S Motet Op 9 Ave Maris Stella/Ave, Star of the Sea ORDER K&S Motet Op 10 Ecce Lignum Crucis ORDER 2009:  K&S Motet Op 5 Song by Moses (Sing the Lord a New Song) ORDER K&S Motet Op 6 Gethsemane ORDER K&S Motet Op 2b The Seven Last Words of Jesus Christ on the Cross ORDER K&S Motet Op 7 With Great Desire ORDER Versicle à6 Op 8a und à4 Op 8b Come to Me All 2008: K&S Passion Op 2a Crucifixion - The Seven Last Words of Jesus on the Cross ORDER K&S Motet Op 3 Christ Became Obedient for Us ORDER Versicle Op 4 A New Commandment I Give to You 1984: K&S Missa Brevis d-moll Op 1 Kyrie - Gloria - Sanctus - Agnus Dei ORDER